Wiring Harness and Cable Assembly for Third Parties

We deal with wiring harnesses and cable assemblies for third parties. We offer this manufacturing to companies in many production sectors. We have a production plant equipped with a state-of-the-art numerical control system to guarantee our customers quality, efficiency and cost optimisation.

This is a list of our machinery:

  • N. 7 mono “cutting stripping seaming” machines and multiwires accompanied with load cells for the electronic control of the standing seam
  • N. 2 machines for cutting, stripping and crimping of multicore cables
  • N. 2 cutting machines (cutting sheath)
  • N. 8 bench welding seamers
  • N. 1 bench welding seamer machine for insertion of rubber (superseal – sealed rubber)
  • N. 2 conductor and sleeve presses and pre-insulated cable lug
  • N. 4 presses for the inclusion of all types of perforated insulation connectors for flat cables
  • N. 1 bench for function and push-back testing
  • N. 2 devices for functional tests
  • N. 2 devices for electrical and continuity safety tests
  • N. 2 dynamometers for standing seam control