Wiring Harness and Cable Assembly for Third Parties

We deal with wiring harnesses and cable assemblies for third parties. We offer this manufacturing to companies in many production sectors. We have a production plant equipped with a state-of-the-art numerical control system to guarantee our customers quality, efficiency and cost optimisation.

Since the early years of its foundation ISE has been able to keep up with trends using increasingly innovative technologies and continues to do so these years where standing out is not always easy.

ISE has recently introduced a new extremely fast and precise automatic line for the binding of cables of all sizes and shapes. It is a piece of equipment not commercially available but custom made by ISE, therefore highly innovative and not present on the market. Using the Hellerman banding machine mounted on an Omron robot, laying the wiring is precise and high-quality thanks to the possibility of adjusting the clamping force.

The main features of this machine are:

  • Modular possibility to work from 1 to 5 operators plus robots, based on the difficulty of the wiring.
  • High clamping precision as the robot perfectly inserts all the clamps in the same point for all the pieces, with micrometric precision.
  • Rotary tables that move by themselves without the need for operators.
  • Production cleaning as all the scraps are sucked into the system by an aspirator attached to the equipment and therefore the work area remains clean.
  • Perforated and therefore modular work tables where various types of wiring can be connected, moving the magnetic supports ad hoc to bind the cables and ready for shipping.



Linea Automatica Fascettatura Cablaggi

Fascettatrice Automatica Cablaggi

Fascettatura Automatica Cablaggi

Another innovative machine recently installed by ISE is the KOMAX ALPHA 356, equipped with new generation presses with integrated crimping control able to work at very high performance in order to guarantee an increasingly advantageous service to meet the needs of our customers.

he machine is equipped with 7 stations that allow great versatility in production changes and allows the integration of both standard and customer-specific processes with a wide choice of various work configurations. This allows the company to offer an increasingly faster service without missing the qualitative aspects, which is a key factor to position at the top of customer expectations.
It is also possible to prepare the next job while the machine is working, so as to obtain greater productivity in a short time. Thanks to the new station equipped with the most advanced technology, it allows to connect to the network via WPCS interface in order to have the status of the orders always updated.



Komax Alpha 356



Macchina Aggraffatrice

Controllo macchina aggraffatrice

Macchinario taglia spela aggraffa

Macchina taglia-spela-aggraffa

The two equipments complete the already vast ISE machine park, which includes:

  • N. 7 mono “cutting stripping seaming” machines and multiwires accompanied with load cells for the electronic control of the standing seam
  • N. 2 machines for cutting, stripping and crimping of multicore cables
  • N. 2 cutting machines (cutting sheath)
  • N. 8 bench welding seamers
  • N. 1 bench welding seamer machine for insertion of rubber (superseal – sealed rubber)
  • N. 2 conductor and sleeve presses and pre-insulated cable lug
  • N. 4 presses for the inclusion of all types of perforated insulation connectors for flat cables
  • N. 1 bench for function and push-back testing
  • N. 2 devices for functional tests
  • N. 2 devices for electrical and continuity safety tests
  • N. 2 dynamometers for standing seam control


Furthermore, by making third-party wiring for the electronics sector as well, ISE is equipped with ESD Protect assembly lines that minimize the risk of electrostatic discharges that could compromise the correct functioning of the electronic card components.

To offer its customers an ever better service, the company has internally developed the configurator, a software capable of optimizing the industrialization of wiring, bringing significant advantages in terms of time and cost rationalization.

The large fleet of machines, software and other specific components therefore make ISE a reliable and competent partner for the realization of third-party wiring.