Environmental and Social Commitment

ISE has always been extremely sensitive to social and environmental problems, in parallel with its commitment to the development of its production activity.

We have set out to achieve the ISO 14001 Certification (Environmental) and ISO:18000 OHSAS (health and safety at work) by the end of 2014.

We have at length collaborated with LEGA DEL FILO D’ORO, an association dedicated to the assistance of deaf-blind and multi-sensory disabled people, and with FONDAZIONE AVSI, a humanitarian organisation operating in developing countries around the world.

For years, ISE has seen to the education of two young Kenyans, Jackson and Josephine, who we help to learn and grow in the hope that they can build a future filled with dignity and satisfaction. We are constantly in contact with them through Fondazione AVSI, with the hope of meeting them in person as soon as possible so that they can finally become part of the ISE family.